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       Shandong Ozer Electric Technology  Co.,Ltd.  is a research and development of electrical equipment, design and manufacture of professional company, its inverter, soft starter, energy saving controller, PLC and DCS complete control system, dual PWM LCI electromagnetic power as the main product. The company has first-class talents, first-class technology, first-class equipment, with very strong new product development research institutions, high degree of automation, stable quality, product technology has been in a leading position. In the paper, steel, chemical, printing and dyeing, and other fields have a wide range of application performance, and has been unanimously comment, company user-centric, market-oriented; based on technology and innovation, the spirit of "excellent quality from the higher demand." the philosophy of "innovation, unity, integrity," the entrepreneurial spirit, Aozhuo company is willing to cooperate sincerely with all the friends, to provide users with high-quality pre-sales, after-sales service, to provide the best solution for electrical control.

    Shandong Ozer Electric Technology  Co.,Ltdis located in the world Kite Capital - Weifang, on the verge of country blues Economic Development Zone, convenient transportation, good human environment, a strong industrial atmosphere, create a positive and hard work of the team, creating a superior nation "inverter" brand! The company imported the most advanced production equipment and testing equipment, the establishment of a converter, soft-start research and development centers, spare parts testing center, product testing center, built with advanced inverter, soft-start production lines. The company started on the use of strict production management software, the first product from the factory begin, for each product quality tracking and control. Meanwhile, the company believes that only first-class talent to produce first-class products, for which the company from foreign counterparts and domestic industrial sector, the introduction of a number of high-tech talent and rich experience in production management inverter management personnel. We attach importance to every employee of quality education for every employee into the plant, we have carried out pre-job safety education, production skills training, quality awareness training. The companys goal is: to become the best manufacturer of inverter China, meet the technical and quality level of similar foreign products.

    Service and Support
    Add: No. 1368, Zhengtai Road,Fangzi District,Weifang City,Shandong Province,China
    TEL:+86 4000662558
    FAX:+86 05368506819
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