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    PartyA: Agent Company Name

    PartyB: Shandong Ozer Electric Technology  Co.,Ltd. 


    Article: General







    Unit Full name


    Authorized representative


    Signature Date


    mailing address










    account number


    Zip Code





    Unit Full name


    Authorized representative


    Signature Date


    mailing address










    account number


    Zip Code





          Shandong Ozer Electric Technology  Co.,Ltd. . in order to better explore the inverter, soft starter and industrial products markets, increase market share, in the spirit of equality, voluntariness, mutual benefit, friendly consultation principles, it Aozhuo converter (soft start) in regional sales agent products Party reached the following agreement:


    Article II: The main obligations of the parties

    Obligations of Party A

    1, the timely completion of the annual sales tasks.

    2, B channel policy compliance, with the Party of market management.

    3, B received delivery of the goods, it is timely acceptance, if the packaging is intact, the number of real objects receipt with the packing list on the standard specifications of the same quantity, after the Party shall immediately confirm receipt of the fax to the B side. Acceptance of the cargo box if any objections, since the receipt of goods to Party B within 5 days, otherwise regarded as the number of the consignment is correct specifications.

    4, actively marketing to enhance brand B influence. B but without permission, may not be sold with Party B and associated products in the other Party authorized areas.

    5. Maintenance B brand reputation: must not "Aozhuo" or similar words registered office or subsidiaries; shall not Aozhuo "agent" and "exclusive agent" in the name, product promotion and business activities (except for the agent in the region) .

    6, Party B timely and interactive information, including customers, competition, the model points, inventory, goods daily to plan big projects to cargo plan.

    7, Party registration information changes, shall promptly notify Party B in writing.

    8, the two sides signed the agreement conserved, due to the signing of this Agreement and the Party knows of commercial confidentiality.

    Obligations of Party B

    1, in principle, Acting Regional Party Aozhuo direct drive (soft start), guides the user orders from dealers, assist Party to complete the annual sales target.

    2, without the consent of Party A, Party B shall not in a separate area of the proxy agents.

    3, B is responsible for the planning and management of the regional market, maintaining market order.

    4, Party A timely and interactive information, including new product launches, point of information sharing model, Aozhuo converter (soft-start) application experience sharing.

    5, responsible for Aozhuo converter (soft start) branding, image and establish and maintain, and provide cooperation and support regional marketing activities of Party organizations.

    6, to assist Party B to establish their own brand, enhance the Party technical value-added.

    7, B to actively support and cooperate with the project already filing Party, including the Party with the offer, deliver customer inquiry information.

    8, provide market, technical and management training to the Party.


    Article: price, reward

    1, both parties agree to this Agreement (annex I) agreed "proxy price" as Party B product consignment billing unit price; sales tasks, rebate incentives (see annex II); Party quarterly sales task completion rate of less than 60% , Party B has the right to adjust the settlement price.

    2, Party B has the right to develop products agent disclosed price, lowest price.

    3, Party A shall not distribute less than the external public offer price. The offer was open to customers on price, whichever Party principles.

    4, Party A sale price not less than the minimum limit established by Party B, if special circumstances need less than the minimum price for sale, the employer shall obtain the prior written consent of the Party.

    5, is strictly prohibited Cheap outflow, this offer includes: special pricing, gift machine, special expansion costs.

    6, both parties have an obligation to the conservative parties agreed price and incentives, not to disclose to any third party. But the two sides can contribute to their own lawyer, accountant or other professional adviser to disclose information relating to this agreement or to get professional advice, but should ensure that such persons comply with the confidentiality undertaking.

    Article IV: Quality and Service

    1, the warranty period for the product B from the factory date of 12 months. In the meantime product quality problems, B can provide free replacement of spare parts or the whole free to use position (except of force majeure or B without authorization attempts to repair, replace, etc. B product quality problems caused by), the Party must be shown with return the same number, the same type of waste spare parts, transportation and other costs borne by the Party. The warranty period, Party B by way of providing preferential spare parts, support for end-users to provide after-party. Warranty repairs of products for the remainder of the original warranty period from the date of repair or within sixty days, whichever is whichever is longer.

    2, Party A is responsible for customer training, technical support and after-sales service, requested by Party B fully cooperate.

    3, Party B is responsible for training, technical support for the Party.

    Article: Billing

    1, Party A to Party orders, according to the agreement signed another product "agency contract for the sale of products" (see Annex III), the contract is signed by both the legal representative or authorized representative, and after the effective date stamp or seal contract chapter, AB both sides recognize this contract facsimile is valid, and officially annexed to this agreement.

    2, Party A to Party orders, payment method:

         Party B basis having this agreement account provided payment to Party.

    3, Party to wire transfer payments to paragraph B accounts deemed to payment.

    4, B standard product delivery commitments for the money after seven days, the place of delivery for the Shandong OZER Technology  Co., Ltd.. Delivery way: Trust Party or Party shipments from mentioning. If Party B needs to arrange transportation, B will deliver the goods to the first carrier deemed delivery.

    5, Shipping:

    1) Party B undertakes packaging obligations, to 20,000 yuan freight borne by the Party. Less than 20,000 yuan freight borne by the owner.

    2) Party ordering is wrong, you need to replace the product, you must receive the goods within seven days in the Party, and does not affect the secondary sales, in writing or by fax to Party B replacement request and bear the freight Party.

    Article VI: confidentiality clauses

    1, both A and B shall be the transaction of business and technology, business information strictly confidential and shall not disclose to any third party. Leaks caused by the breaching party other losses, the observant entitled to claim.

    2, Party A Party B label or declared confidential data or information, must be B strictly confidential and used in accordance with the way B license are not allowed any third party like diffusion in any way compromised. The two sides may each disclose their attorney, accountant or other professional adviser of this Agreement or relevant information in order to obtain professional advice, but to ensure that such personnel should abide by the confidentiality of the aforementioned commitments.

    Article VII: Change and Termination Agreement

    1, Party of one of the following circumstances, Party B will have the right to terminate the agent qualification:

    1), in violation of national laws and regulations;

    2), using fraudulent means to B;

    3), with not many B coordination and management;

    2, one of the following occurs may cancel the agreement in advance:

    1), when both parties agree;

    2), party to the agreement bankruptcy, dissolution or revoked when;

    3), the occurrence of force majeure when agreement can not continue to fulfill;

    4) other cases "Peoples Republic of China Contract Law" provisions.

    Article VIII: outstanding issues and disputes

          On the outstanding issues of the agreement, the two sides should sign an agreement on additional written the supplement form part of this Agreement, this Agreement has the same legal effect.

         Where this agreement any dispute arising out of or relating to this Agreement, the two parties should be based on the principle of good faith negotiation. If the negotiation fails, according to the prosecution to prosecute local peoples court.

    Article IX: Term of Agreement

    1, the two sides confirmed that, prior to the signing of this agreement carefully read through the content of the agreement and fully understand the terms of the legal implications of the agreement;

    2, the date of the agreement the two sides signed or stamped complete, valid until (date), self-terminate the agreement after the agreement expires.

    3, within thirty days after the expiry of the agreement the two sides can negotiate to renew the agreement, Party in the region not to develop a second home-related products agents.

    4, annex part of this Agreement form part of this agreement, and this agreement has the same legal effect.

    5. This Agreement is in duplicate, each party holds one, has the same legal effect.

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