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    QD600 Universal Converter
    QD600 type series inverter is a high performance current vector control frequency converter, collection of flux and torque closed-loop.

    Product description

    QD600 series inverter is a type of high-performance current vector control inverter, set the closed-loop and closed-loop torque flux as a whole. Products using the current international leader in speed sensorless vector control technology and torque control technology, with the international high-end drive as excellent control performance to meet the needs of a variety of drive applications.

    Industry Applications

    Drawing machine, film winding, coating machine, CNC machines, weaving machines, jacquard machines, fans, pumps, chemical fiber, textile, synchronous interaction, injection molding machines, lifting, lifting, machine tools, rolling mills, tube wire processing, lifting , lifting equipment, mill

    Technical Features

    ● low-frequency characteristics of a good, 0.5Hz output 150% starting torque Gao

    ● modular software, flexible configuration-specific modules

    ● Control and diverse: V / F control with PG vector control, vector control without PG

    ● motor start and stop quickly and repeatedly switching direction without impact

    ● low frequency and large torque and stable operation

    ● Fast DC braking function

    ● unique hardware implementation of non-impact speed track

    ● Built-in RS485 communication, support MODBUS-RTU communication protocol

    ● servo fixed-length feature

    ● center frequency for any given traverse function

    ● speed tracking function

    ● handle momentary power failure

    ● overload super, inverter without tripping run

    ● torque mode load torque and output current good linearity

    ● droop control function automatically balance the load

    Service and Support
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